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Carlen Jones

CJ Essentials LLC and now The Spa Suite is a Health & Wellness Company founded by mother & daughter duo.  We formed this company due to me having Cancer in 2012-2013.  Things suddenly changed quickly in October 2012.  You never know how drastic your life can change within a blink of an eye.  That day I knew I had to change my way of life but didn't know how it would end up to be. Being a survivor of Thyroid Cancer was an important lifestyle change for our family.  I started small changes like making some of my own product after reading a lot of product labels. Within my five year timeline to myself after having a newborn child, I had plenty of time to learn teach myself and gain knowledge on blending ingredients and learning what actually ingredients work.  I started creating and testing body butters and fragrances for my family.  I immediately grew the love of making products, that I educated myself on how to make them and what ingredients to use with the process.   I grew the love of herbal infusing which is a favorite.   Finally after years of testing products in my kitchen, January 2017 CJ Body & Hair Essentials which is now CJ Essentials LLC was established.  We are continuing to strive to give our clients the best products and services everyday.  We started out with a few products on our skin and hair care line and now we have over fifty handcrafted products and still in the testing lab today adding new haircare and skincare products that our clients are growing to love.  Our number one goal is educate our clients on the importance of using natural skincare and haircare products to help aid and promote healthy skin and hair.  We do that by getting to know each of our clients on an individual basis.  Each client has different needs so we evaluate them on their skin and hair care needs to find a regimen that is best suited for the their individual needs.  Let us help you find a regimen that is suitable for your skin and hair type today.  We are currently accepting new clients for 2022 and would love to have you apart of our The Spa Suite natural products community.

Est. January 2017

Lanham, MD

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