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CJ Essentials LLC is a nationally certified minority women-owned Black-owned health and wellness brand founded by visionary entrepreneur Carlen Jones, a native Marylander with roots in South Carolina. Carlen is married to Anthony Jones Sr. of 21 years, they have four adult children and their teenage daughter Amber, and three grandchildren. Established in January 2017, Carlen's journey as an entrepreneur has been marked by a commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Carlen holds a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Bank of America Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell graduated from the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in December 2023. Passionate about self-improvement, she is dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering others through education.

What began as a hobby of blending shea butters, carrier oils, and essential oils evolved into CJ Essentials LLC, driven by Carlen's personal experience with cancer. Motivated to make a positive impact on her family's lives and beyond, she set out to create natural, affordable products that promote skin and hair health while fostering a sense of inner and outer beauty.

Drawing inspiration from her culinary background, Carlen's formulations reflect her love for creating blends that nourish and rejuvenate. Starting with body butters and hair creams for loved ones, she witnessed transformative results and felt compelled to share her creations with a wider audience.

Today, CJ Essentials LLC is recognized as a state-certified Black business by USBC and a national minority woman-owned Black business. Through partnerships with Amazon Black Business Accelerator Program, Amazon Handmade, Faire, and Etsy, Carlen's products reach customers nationwide.

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